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Try something new at one of our fabric sculpture classes in Cedar Rapids, IA

Who needs clay when you have vibrant fabric? Learn how to create a sculpture fit for a museum at Threads Cedar Rapids. Our fabric sculpture classes are perfect for beginners and experts alike. You'll start with a base design. Then, you'll make it pop using fabric. With over 500 materials available, we're sure you'll create something magnificent.

Bring your own beverage and snacks to our fabric sculpture classes in Cedar Rapids, IA. Visit our Contact Us page to get started.

Find stimulating activities for your kids and their friends

Searching for art classes for kids? Our fabric sculpture class is perfect! Exposing them to creative outlets is an essential way to develop their:

  • Gross motor skills: Manipulating unconventional materials to create a desired shape improves coordination.
  • Imagination: Challenging them to create shapes using fabric and other mediums forces them to think outside of the box.
  • Ingenuity: Fabric isn't easily manipulated. Your child will discover new ways to express their idea.

We welcome kids of all ages to our classes.

Call now to book one of our art classes for kids in Cedar Rapids, IA.