What does it mean that Threads is a Safe Space Art Place?

We got this moniker for a reason. We are a community at Threads who supports and helps one another. Education is key at Threads and we believe education happens through feeling comfortable enough to ask questions, experiment, and explore. The studio is open to you, meaning you have access to everything we have to offer. Do you want to try Thread Painting? You don't need any sewing experience to endeavor in this new project. We are a place for you to be free.

We also take your health and safety very seriously during these times and always. We have installed an Active Cell Beyond Guardian Air and Surface Purifier. This awesome device eliminates contaminants from the surrounding air as well as surfaces! Better Than HEPA filtration with an Activated Carbon Layer Ionization clumps together particles at a microscopic level and sterilizes air with internal UVC-Light and titanium dioxide.